Initial Operations

Cordialsa USA began its operations in 2004 as part of a group of companies with more than 90 years of  experience satisfying customers with high quality and delicious food products. 

USA is the marketing arm and distribution company for GRUPO NUTRESA, a holding of 40 companies with presence in 12 countries and more than 28,000 employees around the world specializing in the following product categories: Coffee, Ice creams, Chocolates, Cookies, Hams & Deli meats,  Pasta.

Our company


Our Mission

We are the food distribution network of GRUPO NUTRESA that exceeds the expectations from clients and customers from each country.

Our Vision

Together we will contribute to duplicate the food business from GRUPO NUTRESA in 2010, being the distribution services company preferred because of its competitiveness and value generation on the strategic region.

Our philosophy

Together we’ll build the present and future of our companies and communities by focusing on teamwork and concentrating on the same goals around the world.

Our Principles

At Cordialsa USA, we are  commited to: 

1. Being Innovative
2. Focus on Profitable Growth
3. Expanding and growing Internationally
4. Deliver Service
5. Respect our customers, partners, employees, investors and the communities we 6. work with.
7. Hard work and Discipline