GRUPO NUTRESA is composed by 46 companies located worldwide, each one leader in its territory and industry. Only in Food Industry, GRUPO NUTRESA counts with more than 15 companies speciliazing in manufacturing and sales of Coffee products, Chocolates products and candies,  Cookies and Crackers, Ice Cream and Pasta among others.

GRUPO NUTRESA is now one of the strongest and more solid groups in Latin America and Central America, with total sales of 2.1 billion dollars and more than 400 million dollar sales in international markets.

The Group counts with 28,000 employees around the world, 5000 being international, and is currently experiencing continuous expansion and growth. Since 2007, GRUPO NUTRESA has made more than 10 acquisitions in more than 5 countries and has open 10 new companies in 9 different countries.

For more information about GRUPO NUTRESA, please visit us at www.grupochocolates.com

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