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Group Companies

logo colcafe
•Founded 1949. Leading company of industrialized coffee in Colombia.
• 100% Colombian Coffee
• Portfolio: Instant, Mixes & Roast and Ground Presence in 45 countries covering 4 continents in the world.
logo noel
• Founded 1920 in Medellin – Colombia.
• Portfolio: Confectionery, Powder Chocolate Drinks, & Seasonal chocolate portfolio.
• Presence in North, South and Central America. Factories in 4 countries (Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru).
logo cnch
• Founded 1916 in Medellin – Colombia.
• Portfolio: Crackers, cookies, wafers, digestives, biscuits and vegetable protein.
• Presence in North, South and Central America, European and North African regions More than 3000 employees and 6 production plants in 2 countries (Colombia, Costa Rica). 
logo nutresa
•Began operations in 1972 in Mexico as a Chocolate candies manufacturer.
• Owner of famous brands such as Nucita, Cremino, Monedas and Muibon.
• 750 people and generated sales of US$49.3m in 2008 •Operations in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.
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logo pozuelo
•Founded in 1919 in Costa Rica .
• Specializing in cookies manufacturing.
•Operations in Central America and the Caribbean as well as some hispanic markets in the US.

logo winters
• Compania Nacional de Chocolates in Peru.
noel cnch pozuelo winters

Since 2004, Cordialsa USA has been the distribution, marketing and sales company in the US for the food companies pertaining to GRUPO NUTRESA.

Based on a strong relationship with its business partners Colcafe, Noel, CNCH, Nutresa, Pozuelo from Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico, Cordialsa USA offers a great variety of cookies & crackers, chocolate and coffee products to the American market.